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Welcome to Kuroda Club. We are an NFT based gaming project in SOLANA(Follow us on Discord), with a variety of Club Games in the Kurodaverse where every KurodaClub NFTs brings a different flavor to the gameplay.

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About the Project

The Goal

We are re-imagining the club games universe with an NFT enabled gameplay logic to enhance the winnability for the player. While the gameplay will provide utility to the KurodaClub NFTs, we have kept a special focus on the NFT’s Art Quality so that they will always look appealing to use.

Genesis Phase


Our Kuroda Genesis Yetis(KGY) have come out from multiple corners of the Kurodaverse to usher us in this new gameverse.

Why should you hold KGY?

  • 25% of re-sell revenue will be used for liquidity pool
  • Staking will be enabled to get lore token
  • Whitelisting for future GAME NFT mints
  • Early access to our Club House games and participation in tournaments
  • Air Drops of our game ecosystem coin
  • Passive income and active income

Game Play


Kuroda Club will focus mainly on Card & Board Games in the immediate future. Have you been to a Pachinko in Japan ? A few inspirations will be drawn from that. The gameplay has been designed in such a way that mental dexterity more than luck will always take a player closer to win. We will mint separate Card Game NFTs with 9,999 supply for the Card Games after our initial Kuroda Genesis Yeti Mint.


Mint - Kuroda Genesis Yeti (KGY)

Details (100% SOLD OUT)

  • Network - SOLANA
  • Total Supply - 1,611
  • Public Mint Price - 0.5 SOL
  • Mint Date - 11th Feb 2022

Our Roadmap

Stage 1

Q1 2022

Genesis Event

  • Mint Kuroda Genesis Yeti (KGY) - Total Supply: 1,611
  • Launch on secondary markets
  • Verified group for KGYs
  • 25% of re-sell revenue will be used for liquidity pool
  • Staking will be enabled to get lore token
  • Card game beta version : early access to (KGY) holders

Stage 2

Q1~Q2 2022

Card Games

  • Mint Card Game NFTs - Total Supply: 9,999
  • KGY holders gets whitelisting
  • Launch V1 Card Game with NFT enabled game play
  • Tournaments
  • Other Card games launch

Stage 3

Q2 2022

Game Coin Launch

  • 2 Coins will be launched
  • One for ecosystem ($KCC) and one for rewards ($KGR)
  • Coin based self enabled monitory ecosystem implementation
  • $KCC Air drop for KGY holders

Stage 4

Q2~Q3 2022

Board Games

  • Mint a segment of Board Game NFTs - Total Supply: TBA
  • KGY holders gets whitelisting
  • Launch V1 Board Game with NFT enabled game play
  • Tournaments

Future Stages

Q4 2022

Ecosystem Stabilization

  • DAO creation
  • Gaming Guild
  • Scholarship ecosystem

In-between Stages

  • Intra-verse : cross adaption of non Kuroda NFTs within the game
  • Solana verse : find place in meta lands within Solana and build a virtual pachinko
  • Portal integrations



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Meet the Team


The genesis and envisioning of Kuroda Club, with full time job of making the life difficult for Kuroda Core Members.


Head of Management, focus on partnership and business end, with full time job of making life easy for Kuroda Core Members.


Head of Architecture and Solution, with full time job of thinking and coding.


Head of Development, with full time job of game development and leading the development team.

Coffeejcuptwitter instagram

Kuroda Genesis Yeti (KGY) Art Consultant.


Head of Integration, with full time job of block chain development lead.


Kuroda Club Community Manager.